Gandhi walked 50 miles in one day.     Can you?

About the Gandhi Walk


50 miles in one day...

"Occasionally... [Gandhi] left the farm at 2 A.M., walked the twenty-one miles to town, and returned on foot the same night. One day, he recalls, 'I walked fifty miles.'"

Every October, we honor Gandhi’s birthday and his most famous act of civil disobedience. The 1930 Salt March was 241 miles long, and Gandhi spent three weeks walking and spreading his messages of peace and temperance.

The Gandhi Walk is a one-day walk of 10, 25, or 50 miles to the ocean.


Go Gandhi for the day...

Gandhi preached what he practiced.  Honor him with three pledges on the day of the walk:

1) Vegetarian for the day.  (Vegan if you're hardcore.)

2) Temperance for the day.  (No celebratory drinks on the beach.)

3) Celibacy for the day. (Gandhi did it for 40 years.)

You can see the 50-mile 2018 route here.


Get granular

The 2020 Gandhi Walk will be held on October 10th.  Spend your Columbus Day weekend observing New Hampshire’s famous foliage from ground level.  Sign up for our free newsletter for details and updates about the upcoming walk. 

The first Gandhi Walk

Quote from Mahatma Gandhi — His Life and Times, Louis Fischer, 1951

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