Saturday, October 7, 2017

The Gandhi Walk

This walk to the New Hampshire Seacoast via the Rockingham  Recreational Trail is inspired by Mohandas Gandhi's 241-mile Salt March  in 1930. Gandhi walked 50 miles in one day… come join us -- rain, shine or snow!

Not ready to do a 50-mile walk from Goffstown to the Atlantic at 4 in the morning?! There's also a 25-mile walk leaving from Raymond at 10am, and a simpler 10-mile walk beginning at 3pm, all ending at the Atlantic Ocean. Registrations are $75, $60, and $40, and 10% of ticket sales will  be donated to help those in need. 

To honor Gandhi's 148th birthday on October 2nd, for the day of the walk, participants take the same vows he made to his mother at 18. He kept them for three years in 1888 London, while he studied law -- surely you can keep them for 24 hours?   

1. abstain from meat

2. abstain from alcohol

3. abstain from sex 

Transportation and vegetarian refreshments will be provided, but only a modicum of  swag, out of respect for Gandhi's minimalist lifestyle.    

Questions? Contact or call/text 603.717.8679   

Please see the following link for more details and to order tickets:

Walking Tips

Preparing for a long-distance walk

Preventing blisters and chafing

What to wear

Pedestrian safety


One day, Gandhi recalls, “I walked fifty miles.”

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